Main Service and Power Distribution:
Design, upgrades and installation
Primary & secondary power feeds
Bus duct distribution systems
Sub power panels and lighting panels
Circuit and panel identification
Meggering, wire cabling evaluation
Voltage changes via transformers
Branch circuiting & balancing
Harmonics evaluation and corrections
Low impedance grounding of equipment
Service & private property wood pole
installation, guy wires & supports
Lighting Services:
LED lighting system installation and upgrades
Energy-efficient control systems
Exit and emergency lighting
Premises security lighting
Parking lot high pole lighting
Maintenance & Repair
Electric Motor and Control Wiring:
Control panel design & installation
AC & DC power drives w/speed control
Programmable controllers
Machine wiring & trouble shooting
Specialty Services:
Plant, facility & department relocation
Heat scan and preventative maintenance
Underground cable repair & locating
Aerial service lines erected
Hazardous location wiring
Data, telephone & computer wiring
Fire alarm control wiring
Correction of electrical code violations
Temporaries, festoon & carnival wiring
Services Available